Primary Care in St. George, UT

Located in St. George and serving clients from Santa Clara and Washington County, UT, Desert Edge Medical is a primary care facility serving a broad range of patients. We provide standard wellness exams, along with injections, small outpatient procedures, weight loss management and other treatments. We’re also experts in diabetes management. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, too!

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No matter your age or lifestyle, your health is always a top priority. Staying in good health starts with staying current on your checkups and maintaining a healthy approach to managing chronic conditions. Desert Edge Medical will help you do both. We strive to be the premier provider of primary care, helping you stay proactive and positive about your health and wellness.Our well-staffed clinic takes pride in offering a host of wellness solutions and options for every patient. Come see us for your bi-annual wellness exam or when you’re feeling under the weather—we’ll get you checked-up and back on your feet, living your best life in good health. For individuals with ongoing conditions—like complications from diabetes or weight concerns—we’re your partner for planning and treatment! We’ll sit down to educate you about your disease, possible treatment options, lifestyle modification and more. We can also help you explore alternative treatment options.

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Primary Care in St. George

Suffering from migraines? Chronic body aches? We treat these problems and more through injection therapy. We’re also equipped for small outpatient procedures like mole removal and biopsies, making us the place to go when you need a quick procedure from a staff you trust. As the local leader in family medicine in St. George, UT, we always put our patients first. Let us help you discover your own road to wellness and stay on the path to feeling your very best!

  • Our mission is to deliver the highest possible level of patient care to every individual we treat, regardless of your condition or illness.
  • Our scope of care includes everything from pain injections and weight loss treatments, to diabetes management plans and small outpatient procedures.
  • We strive to treat all patients on-site, rather than sending you to another location to get the help you need. That said, we do refer when treatment falls outside our abilities.
  • We now accept new patients at any age. We also take walk-in appointments whenever possible.
  • Our staff is welcoming and friendly, and always compliance with privacy and information laws like HIPAA.

Get the Treatment You Need

If you’re coping with a chronic illness or need medical advice for managing an ongoing condition like diabetes, Desert Edge Medical is ready to help. Schedule an appointment today!

Our St. George location proudly provides professional healthcare and primary care services to our surrounding communities including: